Helping local businesses re-design and re-invent themselves is a major job of the Design-Build program.   The designing of an interior can help businesses to develop themselves and can boost their earnings.  So it was up to us to help Langdon Street Cafe re-invent their appearance and sense of style.  For this project it was up to a group of five of our students to find ways to fit functionality and aesthetics into a space that was already charged with the feeling of creativity.  Also with this project came the designing of a more economical and functional box for an art distrubution machine called "The Gladiator."

These First images are of "The Gladiator."

Above: The group and Ben Matchstick, the operator of "The Gladiator" pose for a picture.  Featured in this picture are (from top left): Ben Matchstick, Thomas Hajosch, Rudy Caron, as well as (bottom left) Leanne Waterman, Meredith Hankins, and Kayla Casperonis.

Left: "The Gladiator" machine, an old cigarette dispenser turned into a means to distribute local art.

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