We are the 2009 Norwich University School of Architecture and Art's Design Build Program. 

For those not familiar to the program, we are a group of 3rd and 4th year Architecture students, who wish to expand their knowledge and experience to include the designing and building of structures.  This program was created to allow students to have the rare opportunity to actually build some of what they design.  This program allows us to learn to work in groups to solve design problems we are faced with, while also helping the communities around us!  This year our class consists of 18 students (each with their own unique strengths, knowledge, expertise, and design ideologies) and our two advisors, Prof. Daniel Sagan and Daniel Johnson.

Daniel Sagan, co-founder of Terra Firma Inc., a design-build firm based out of Montpelier, VT., is an assistant professor in the School or Architecture and Art at Norwich University, and has been the primary faculty member to run the Design Build program for years.  Along with the teaching of numerous classes at Norwich University, Prof. Sagan spends his time furthering his knowledge in the field of Architecture.  He has had the opportunity to be both the co-author of Vermont Build Greener a book of standards for new home design, as well as guest curator in the exhibit titled, "Architectural Improvisions: History of the Design-Build Movement 1964-1979" at the Fleming Museum of the University of Vermont in the Fall of 2008.  With this, Prof. Daniel Sagan also authored two essays in the catalogue for the show, which are presently published by University Press of New England.  Overall he comes to the program with extensive knowledge of the history of Design-Build as well as a vast understanding of building systems and integration.

Daniel Johnson, founder of Watershed Studios, is Chair of the Norwich, Vt Planning Commission as well as the Secretary/Treasurer of AIA VT, and is a member of the faculty at Yestermorrow Design/Build School as well as an adjunct Professor with our own Architecture Program.  With him comes 25 years of design and construction experience spanning continents.  He has worked in numerous firms including in a number of locations across the United States, as well as in Germany.  Throughout his career Prof. Johnson has won many awards including the AIA VT Honor Award 2009, and the AIA VT Citation Award 2004.

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